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I have a 2009 JC Sport 2wd with 150K+ miles

Yesterday, I had the following installed:

1. Moog Front Lower Control Arms
2. Bilstein 4600 Front Shocks
3. Stock Front Springs
4. Moog Front Shock Mounts
5. Stock Front Spring Isolators

I have a few observations that my be useful for other members encountering these things.

1. The front end is now actually sitting 3/4" higher than the rear, which I am attributing to the new springs. After 150K miles, my assumption is that the springs have some sag, so I will need to add new rear springs to even it out.

2. The ESP BAS and Traction Control lights came out almost immediately as I drove it the first time after the installation. My steering wheel was no longer centered and it was obvious that I needed an alignment. This morning, I was the first into the Brake Check near my office to have the alignment done. Once done, the ESP BAS and Traction Control lights went out and have not been back on today.

I hope this helps, so that anyone doing front end work will see how sensitive the system is and not waste time troubleshooting before getting an alignment.

NOTE: This is different than the issue when the ABS light also comes on, but if it is a similar situation, I would get the alignment before pursuing any other solutions.

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I just replaced struts, strut mounts, rear load leveler shocks, all sway bar bushing and end links front & rear along with new coil spring spacers. My XK has 95K on it. Also had to replace a few other bushings as we needed heat to remove some of the bolts. Mine rides higher in the rear due to the load leveler Monroes. Front raised as well but not as high as the rear. Rides like a new vehicle for sure had alignment done at same time no issues. Money well spent!
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