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I know there have been alot of threads asking questions as to how the ESP/TCS worked.
I came across this blog by a Chrysler Chassis Control Systems Engineer and thought I'd pass it along.

"February 11, 2008 7:00 AM
Loren Trotter is an engineer in Active Chassis Control Systems, as well as a die-hard Jeep® enthusiast and avid off-roader. Some of the shots below come courtesy of his trips to Moab, demonstrating the capable off-road system he's speaking about below.
Jeep® has long been the leader in four wheel drive systems and in 2005 introduced Electronic Limited Slip Differentials (ELSDs) and brake based traction control tuned specifically for off road driving on the Grand Cherokee. Since then, traction control has been added to the Commander, Liberty and Wrangler."

Continues at :
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