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Since nobody has brought up fuel economy lately, here's a report. First off, the engine is the 4.7, and there's only 1400 miles on it (purchased March 11, 2006, wife only drives 5 miles a day round trip to work) Anyhow, I recently had to drive 600 miles round trip to pick up my boat for the summer. On the way there, the info center gave me an average of 19.8 mpg. On the way back, towing a total of about 5300 lbs., I averaged 12.5.

Now keep in mind I live in Northeast Ohio and traveled to Huntington West Virginia. So, there is a nice mix of flat and hills. Our previous vehicle was an 03 Durango with same engine, and the two vehicles to me are close in economy, but the JEEP is WAAAYYY Cooler looking. As of this point my wife and I are extremely pleased with the Jeep and will definately be getting another one when this lease is up.

p.s. There have been no mods except I had to get the chrome grill.:D
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