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As the title say I'm lost....
Returned from our vacation out west today in a rental car.
Adventure this year was Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Yellowstone, Gran Tetons, and the Badlands.
Unfortunately it ended, right before the Badlands with Trans troubles.
I had to leave my XK at Liberty Jeep in Rapid City South Dakota.
I got codes P0700 and P0758 and the technicians working on it ended up getting some more codes as they were trying to get her back up and running.
Anyway.... The solenoid needed to fix her is on 3 week backorder from Jeep and I'm on the list to receive one.
So.. if I'm lucky I may get her back in a month.
I'm going thru some things in my head and on Monday I may ask them for the cost on a mfg rebuild trans instead.
My last 2 vechiles I drove to 232,000 and 258,000 miles so I really think this may be a good idea now.
I left her at the dealership with my mileage at 127,852, and 3,321 were this trip.
Trans fluid as well as diffs, transfer case, and oil were changed prior to my departure and the trans fluid was also changed at around 80,000 miles.
Everytime I take my dog out, I turn and my XK isn't there.
Not sure how I'll get thru this.
Just got done washing and detailing my wifes Outback, I had to do something because that is my XK ritual on vacation return.
Wish me luck, and for the 1,300 mile drive home I looked at every XK I saw and thought how lucky they all were.
This is really this best vechile I have ever had.
Though very inconvienent this happened so far from home, I'm not upset about the break down, more upset that I don't have it and my assumption that if this part is on national back order I must not be the only one with this problem.
I was almost in tears as I pulled away and my son even gave the XK a pat on the hood as we loaded the rental car.
Thanks for listening!

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Wow. What a bummer. I once had a car go out 7 hours away in Wisc and that was tough enough. I hope you get her back soon and without too much $$$.
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