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I wasn't sure if I should ask these questions in my introduction thread, so moderators please move if you have to.

Here is a pic of my Commander I just bought last Saturday.

The story is it was in a small front passenger crash 9 years ago but was owned by the same person since new. I recently purchased it from a young girl who had the car since February. Her and her father had small touch ups done on the front and rear bumpers and fenders. I don't have a problem with it since it appears to be an ok job. Now the questions...

- You can see in the pic that at the bottom of the front bumper there are two wavy bumps. Anybody have an idea what caused that or how to fix it? Everything underneath appears connected and lined up

-A lot of the the fender rivets are painted white. Did they come this way from the factory or were they painted? I just ordered a whole box of new ones so plan on replacing them.

- There is a little white over spray on the power steering cooler. Can I just lightly spray it black to match it with the rest of the components?

- The headlights look like they were lightly sprayed with Nightshades paint to give it a slightly darker look. They look ok, but could use some wetsanding and buffing. I'm guessing if I wetsand the lights, it would remove the paint?

This is our 4th vehicle so don't need it perfect but want to fix any hack jobs that were done. Any help would be appreciated.

BTW I purcahsed the FSM from that thing has everything in it
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