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To say I’m excited is an understatement...
OME HD arrived (stashed in the loft amongst unused baby accessories until they’re needed!)

Just ordered today:
JBA -UCAs, extended sway bar links
Rocky Road - hood louvres and 3/8 plate
Rough Country - 0.75” WJ front spacer
Custom Billet - aluminium catch can
The Steel Armadillo - 52” spot bar mounts, hood light mounts, shackle mounts, dash switch plate, AC line protector
Diablo Sport - Intune 3
Moog LCAs
Moog Front strut mounts
Creative steel pinion bushing
New isolators

All being delivered to the UK in one delivery, otherwise that **** gets expensive!

Still to get:
285/70 r17s
Side steps (I have tiny kids and a 5ft wife!)

BOOM!!!! A few early Christmas presents.. I can’t wait to see what you like once it’s all installed!

Thank you everyone for your help and insight however small! This forum has been invaluable and I can’t appreciate the level of expertise and willingness to help novices like me enough! Thank you

I will update with photos when work gets underway in a few weeks!
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