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I'm ordering a set of floor liners this week-- does any color actually match the khaki/cloth interior??
I prefer the Husky liners, which are available in black, grey, & tan. But can't decide which to get.

Heck, the night after we bought the Commander, at the kitchen table my wife and I actually argued-- and subsequently placed bets for unpleasant household tasks-- on whether our new Jeep's interior was grey or tan. In the morning we both went out smugly, ready to gloat, but then scrutinized, squinted, furrowed brows, and ultimately decided on a truce. It ain't grey, it ain't tan, it's just, uh, khaki. (And she still had to do the dishes!)

So I'm thinking that either of those floor liner color choices, other than the black, may actually look mismatched against the khaki.
Am I correct?

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