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It's time to get OUT OF HERE!! For sure the 28th and 29th as that's the unlimited hydroplane races here on the Columbia River. I live by the river, and tens of thousands of people pour in here to watch the races, and I'm usually GONE when that happens! It's not easy getting out of the driveway during that crap. For all you hydro fans that love it:

So... I'm thinking maybe the Quilomene Wildlife Area. (Near Vantage WA) See an album here: There's a billion acres of virgin sage brush out there, and the "roads" can almost tax your QDII system. And, if it's wet, we're talking getting out the winch cables. You travel from V-notch canyon to V-notch canyon when heading north/south, with switchback climbs and descents for every one. There's also a road that skirts the Columbia River near Rock Island, with nary another human around for 50 miles other than what's right across the river.

Or, Frenchman Coulee road, and/or the area above highway 12 and Windy Ridge? There's an old abandoned lookout tower up there, (about a half day run to reach) as well as a gazillion U.S.F.S. roads. An album here, with some of that area as well as around Mt. St. Helens.

Or, somewhere in the U.S.F.S. roads around highway 12, 410, and 123? There's a whole lotta' forest land there.

Anyone up for it? Mike & I will be going regardless, but the more Jeeps the better instead of just one.
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