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I posted this in a response in the performance thread but I thought I'd post up in here as well....

The SURE FIRE way to increase gas milage in your Commander trade it for a Hybrid.:p

I'll never understand why people worry about gas milage and buy a Commander. It just cracks me up. You know what youre getting into when you bought the thing. :D LOL!!

BUT...For what its can try these things to get better MPG.

I heard some people at work talking about "hyper mileage" and it got me to thinking. Being the curious and fun loving guy that I am I decided to put this to a test in my two gas guzzlers to see if it realy works.

*Fill your tires with max pressure.
*DRIVE SLOWER on the highway. A strict adherance to 55-60 mph will net you pretty big gains in MPG and will not cost you very much extra time AT ALL. This is the biggest knock I hear on driving slower..But I tested this "time saving" theory as well. You will not be out very much extra time in town.
*Accellerate easier....keep your foot out of it.
*Put it nuetral and coast downhills.
*Put it in nuetral at stop lights.
*Kill the motor when youre going to be stopped for more than 10 seconds.
*Draft...about 5 feet behind semi trucks do the biggest this at your own risk!!!

From my little 2 week experiment, These things work. I got 17 mpg in my 06 F150 4x4....I normally get 14 or 15.
I got 18.5 out of the 06 Commander hemi....normally get 14 or 15.
The reason why I got better mileage out of the Hemi is because of the MDS...on my 20 mile commute I do 70 % highway driving. The MDS on the Hemi only works between 40 and 60 mph. So setting the cruise between 55-60 mph activates the MDS and gas milage soars.

Changing to these driving habits are the only tangable way to gain mpg....theres nothing that you can bolt on or add that will net you REAL gains in mpg if your habits dont change.

Now let me give you the bad news....coasting and killing the motor at long stops is a real pain in the ass. The only thing I still do because it really drive no more than 60mph on the in town highway driving.

Personally, I have a paid off 06 Triumph Daytona 675 motorcycle in the gets around 40-50mpg if you dont wick it up. I decided to use it to put some money back into my pocket.
So some weeks, I'll ride it to work two days during the week. Its realy fun to be on the it bumps up my average MPG between the bike and the truck to over 24 mpg. Not bad..... But also not practicle.
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