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Front Bumper Chop and Pillar black out

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This week I did a bumper chop to give my Commander a more aggressive look and I covered the rear pillars in black Lexan to give the look of a longer back window.
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I like the idea of the pillar blackout. I might steal it.
This mod was easy and cheap just the cost of a can of black Plasti-Dip and about $20 for the black Lexan, 3M double sided tape to install I had already. I bought enough of the Lexan to do the front pillars too but decided I liked the look of just the back pillars.
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It's definitely a different look.

Takes some getting used to, but, he gets an "A" for originailty.
Got the idea from YouTube Extreme Daily Drivers, but I decided to use black Lexan for higher gloss pillars.
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