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As I am working through some issues with my lift I keep coming back to the annoying problem of bad CV joint angles.
What I am drawing up, with help from a friend who is already designing HD CV joints, are flanged outputs for the front diff in order to mount a universal joint axel.

two reasons I am doing this:

1. Create a different angle joint close to the diff, extending the length of the axle by a very small amount, allowing for more tolerance of big lifts 4-8".

2. I will be adding significantly more power later when I do the engine build (supercharger/Turbos), so something a little more beefy will be needed at the end of the day.

We got the idea when we both were staring at the rear end of a new corvette... That could totally work up front, just takes some welding really.

I will see about generating all my drawings, and CAD stuff, for posting and then blog the creation here later this spring/early summer.

Not sure if this will become a product, since it really will be only for big lifts that have huge camber issues and angle problems for the CVs.

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