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Front End Hum between 40 and 60 MPH

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Hello all! I'm new to the forum and just recent purchased an '07 Commander 4WD (Rocky Mountain, if that matters). I just installed a 2" lift and am planning on installing Rough Country 1.5" wheel spacers over the weekend. My post is about a front end hum that I get with driving between 40 and 60 MPH. You can start to hear the hum at 40 MPH, it gets loudest at 50 MPH and then tapers off at 60 MPH, not going away completely, but nearly.

The sound is a consistent hum when driving, but the moment you let your foot of the accelerator, it goes away, until you give it gas again. I've been driving it for a couple weeks and the sounds never changes or gets any worse, but it's there and I'm hoping someone on here has run into this will know what the issue might be. I was thinking for replacing the front diff oil, but wasn't sure if that would really do anything. Any help would be appreciated.
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Try rotating the tires front to back and see if it is any different.
If you change the differential oil, there are certain oils you should use depending on your drive system like 2WD, Quadra track I, Quadra track II, or QuradaDrive II.
Thanks for the tip. I'm installing the wheel spacers this weekend so I'll swap the wheels around while I'm at it and see if that does anything.
I have the same on my 06. I believe sound travels and it’s the rear pinion bearing. Could be differential though. I never figured mine out. It’s been almost 3 years.
Thanks for the info. The sound doesn't get any worse and it doesn't seem to affect drivability, it's just annoying, but I can live with it as long as it's not ruining anything :D.
Mine did the same thing the front differential CV joint was bad. Replacing the front differential fixed it
Just to clarify, you're talking about the CV joint for the front diff drive shaft, right? The joint itself isn't a replaceable part? Did you replace with a good used diff or buy a new/reman one?
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