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I just installed the front tow hooks and had some observations regarding the install.

  • First, whoever writes the instructions for DCX needs to be taken out and beaten severely. THEY SUCK!!!!! The instructions for the tow hooks (and other options) before the truck went into final production as the drawings don't match the actual configuration of the truck, i.e.: attachment points, screws, added parts, etc. FYI, these instructions were written in 2005.
  • There are now screws on the top of the bumper cover, only tabs that slide into slots on the rear of the turn signal assembly. Slight pressure snaps these slots, allowing the bumper cover to come off.

  • There are two covers covering the holes in the bumper, one on each side. These covers must be removed prior to installing the stud plates. NOTE: If these covers were not present, bumper cover removal would not be necessary.
  • Be careful if your cover has fog lamps as these are not dealt with in the instructions. Remove the bulbs from the housing prior to removing the cover.
  • Tools needed: 10mm socket, flat head screwdriver, snips to remove plastic studs in wheel openings, panel tool, 15mm socket, properly calibrated torque wrench.
That's it for my info on the tow hooks.
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