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FS: 2006 Khaki Commander 3.7L - 6" lift with 34's 59.5k mi. Norfolk VA


I've decided to part ways with my baby as unique as she is. Since the rules say no Feelers, I'll post this as a FS ad, but feedback would be nice too if I'm asking too much or too little. Located in Norfolk, VA 23513

The Dirty:
3.7L 06' Khaki Commander 59,500 mi
4" super lift strut spacer
2" ome hd Springs
2"rear spring spacers
F350 +6"lift rear shocks (to accommodate additional lift)
1.5" wheel spacers
20" Rockstar wheels
305/55R20 Nitto Trail Grapplers (450$ a piece)
JBA upper control arms
New outer tie rods & lower ball joints
LED interior lights & license plate
LED headlights
LED fog lights
Front windows tinted to match factory rears
Kenwood 7" touch screen
Kenwood amp
Audio pipe door speakers/tweeter and competition sub (box replaced one of the rear most seats)
carbon fiber looking wrapped center dash (hvac controls)
Mounted fire extinguisher in the rear
Trailer hitch

Parts not installed that are included:
Rusty's offroad rear control arms
Rusty's offroad adjustable trac-bar
new swaybar links and bushings
50" light bar
pass. side wheel well plastic

The even dirtier: (the bad)
-Clunk in front end, possibly just sway bar links/bushings or cv axles.
-Cv axle boots ripped. :/ driver side is brand new...and ripped.
-Rear end noise. I replaced the pinion bearing and the noise didn't change, but it stopped leaking. I've driven it for 3k miles like this and the radio is loud enough it doesn't affect me.
-The subframe got replaced when i drove over a celica, but they messed up the alignment when they gave it back, i didn't notice till it was too late so the tires wore prematurely. The old fronts are now on the rear and the alignment is good.
-I still owe 1000$ on it, so to buy it you'd have to agree to let me pay off the loan and wait for the title to come in.
-the lights on the air controls don't work

I love this thing but I need to move on. I'm getting out of the Navy soon and need something more city friendly for when I move back to Boston.

I'm asking 9,500$. These parts are worth a lot and I believe this is a fair price because I know the rear and front end need some work. If you have any comments, questions or concerns let me know! Thanks!

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Any chance you have some of those parts left over? Sold mine a few a years and getting back in the game. In Norfolk btw, well Chesapeake.
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