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Selling the third row seats out of my commander. The seats are in awesome shape. These pictures were actually taken before the seats were cleaned, they look even better now! Neither myself nor the original owner ever used the seats. In fact, I forgot they were back there until recently! I took them out because there is really no point in having them back there and I am building a storage box to go in their place.

I am looking for $250 + shipping on these. I will most likely ship via Greyhound because thats the cheapest way to ship something like this, but other arrangements can be made if you prefer.

I am new to this forum, but I can reference you to 3 forums where I have been a member for 10+ years and sold many many items(supraforums, northwest nissans, club lexus).

I am located in Portland, OR.

I do have all the rear panels that go along with the 3rd row, I could include them for an additional cost or trade for your panels.

Would consider trades/partial trades for: intake, maintenance items, exhaust, iPod adapter, etc...let me know what you have!



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