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Part number FOX980-46-039-1

FOX 2.0 Emulsion Remote Reservoir Shocks
11" Travel
28.10 Ext/ 17.10 Comp
40/80 valving
Brand new aluminum reservoirs (never on the vehicle- replaced steel ones)
8 Position C/D Adjuster

Recently had the shocks serviced by FOX and new remote reservoirs installed. They have 0 miles since being serviced as I was waiting until my next wheeling trip.... but I haven't been able to get out like I used to.

The 8 position FOX CD aduster is great for keeping the ride smoother for commuting/family duties and then stiffening up the suspension for trails.

For XK/WK applications they're a direct replacement for 4" lift systems like the Superlift. However I ran them on my Commander with a ~3" lift (like the OME) but with additional minor modifications such as extended bump stops and brake line extensions.


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