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For the last 24 years I have had this car. It is a 1989 Mustang GT Convertible. I have cherished it and carefully taken care of it but recently I have rarely taken it out of storage to drive it.

I usually give my old cars away, However because I want this car to be appreciated and cared for I am going to sell it. I will sell it well below what it is worth but I want the person who gets it to have some investment in it.

I gave away a Jeep Wrangler a few years ago and the fellow I gave it to trashed it. I guess it was worth what he paid for it to him.

A few years after I bought it new I took it to the SVT Motorsport Dealer in Chicago and had a SVT GT40 racing engine installed in it. It includes a B303 cam and GT40 heads.

They also installed several other upgrades. It has MAC shorty headers, a crossover pipe and dual magnaflow exhaust system. This car has a 5 speed transmission and a heavy duty clutch. The rear end has positraction and the gears have been changed from the factory 2.73 ratio to 3.73. The car has welded in subframe connectors and driveshaft loop.

It has very low mileage and also has a hour meter connected to the engine

The interior has additional gauges and the SVT 160 mph speedometer was installed when the engine was upgraded. This car will actually do 160 mph.

Three years ago I had the car disassembled and painted over a period of about 3 months in a custom shop. The original color was white. The new blue paint is the type that changes color in different light conditions. They painted each piece seperately while hanging and then reassembled the car.

The car also has custom emblems that are actually air brushed on the body.

The rear of the car also has a custom rear exhaust exiting the rear ground effects facia.

When the paint was done I also had a roll bar fabricated and installed.

The top is a Jaguar type soft black material. I also has a upholstery shop use the factory top cover to make a cover for when it is down in the same type material as is shown in the next picture.

The headlight housings were replaced a few years ago with new clear units.

This Mustang is stored inside the Stacker Trailer on a lift. I take it with me but rarely take it out of the trailer anymore.

I am 65 and really do not need a car that will do 160 miles per hour anymore.

I have only driven it once or twice in the past year.

A couple of years ago my Motorhome and Stacker trailer were stolen while I was at a car show. I then drove this car from Missouri to Arizona without any problems at all. It is in excellent mechanical shape.

After caring for this car for 24 years, I am looking for a purchaser that will appreciate this car for what it is.

I will not sell it to a young new driver because though it is street legal when registered where there are no smog requirements, ( I register it in Show Low, Arizona) it is far too much power for its weight for a new inexperienced driver.

I do not want someone hurt or even killed driving this car.

Years ago I had an appraisal done for insurance purposes and it appraised at over 20K. This was before the paint was done a few years ago.

I would sell this car for 15K to the right buyer.

You can contact me by sending a PM or email to williamcwaugh at the and I will give you my phone number.
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