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Looks great, can't wait to get mine installed.

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Added some new stuff. and a few new pictures

i took apart the dash to hide my wiring for my GPS. i also hard mounted my GPS to the dash.

now its easy to read.

Current MODS:

OME front springs
Get Lost 4x4 front winch bumper
T-Max 9000# winch
Bilstein 5150 rear shocks
Rusty's spacer lift in the rear
True Flow Air-Filter
255/75/17 BFG Muds
1.5" wheel spacers

Future planned mods

rear bumper w/swing out tire carrier
33" tires
superlift lift kit
bilstien front shocks
rear locker
Defender Roof Rack
Roof Top tent
Aux Gas Tank
Rear Shock Hoops
3 link rear suspension
longer sway bar links
rear grab handles



GPS Mount

OME Front Springs Installed


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i'm trying to get ready for a trip four wheeling tomorrow.

so i stole Cico7's idea of hiding my lights. i didn't like them out on my bumper. i'm always afraid i'll rip them off on something.

so i made a few tabs. welded them to the radiator support and was done.


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alright. i may be a bit to high. i added the junkyard springs in the rear. i really like them over the stock crap. i gained about 2 extra inches in the rear. i'm going to trim them some more tomorrow.

here's what i did.


lengthened the rear bump stop. my tires where hitting inside the wheel well and my shocks were bottoming out. i added about 2.5" to them. i also removed the crappy spacer lift i sold to someone else.

stock bump stop

spacer lift.

extending bump stop

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