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Team Commander,

Hopefully a simple question.

I'm looking at putting some new tires on the Jeep and would like to know if the GoodYear Duratrac's 255/75R17 on Stock Rims would fit without a wheel spacer.

I currently have the OME HD lift (a little over 2") and the JBA lifted UCAs (which brought alignment specs back to stock).

I don't mind performing the pinch weld mod if i need to. My other option is to go with the 245/75R17.

There's a sale going on right now that has the 255/75 at 151 per tire vs 245/75 for 230... obviously would like to go with the 255/75 and save the 80 bucks a tire.

The measurements from the Goodyear website lists the size at:

255/75R17 at 32" x 10"
245/75R17 at 31.7" x 9.8"

Anybody that can give me first hand knowledge would be much appreciated. I'm based at Ft. Belvoir, VA and the tire shops around here are not very customer centric (they won't pre-fit nor stock either size).

Thanks as always for the help!

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