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Today's Google Doodle:

Aug 06, 2011
Google Doodle pays charming tribute to Lucille Ball on her 100th
By Nancy Blair, USA TODAY

Happy 100th Lucy! Enjoy Google's homepage today as it pays charming tribute to Lucille Ball on what would have been her 100th birthday.

The interactive doodle is a drawing of a vintage TV set queued up with some of the most heart-tugging and funny moments from old Lucy shows. Click on seven channels to be swept back into classic Lucy moments - from the grape stomping episode to Desi crooning "We're Having a Baby."

Who can't relate to Lucy and Ethel trying to stay ahead of the conveyor belt in the chocolate factory. As Lucy says: "Ethel, I think we're fighting a losing game!"

As usual, clicking through brings you to Google search results to all things Lucy, from Wikipedia and more.
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