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Just wanted to share my new Commander with you guys, completly stock atm.

2007 Sport V6 3.7L 4x4. 83K miles on the odometer when I got it.

Was a gift from my dad. Because I live in Mexico and im 18 years old ill just keep it simple. 2 inch lift with some 265/70 KO2 wheels. 0:)


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Colerix said:
This October im getting a 07 Commander Sport, just wanted to let you know im loving the work you are doing on yours, im pretty sure ill be coming back for some inspiration.

Its gonna be my first car soo im pretty excited and really wanting to take care of it, its going to be my little blue baby. (The color is exactly like yours)
I was wondering if / when you were going to finally show up Colerix.

Nice snowman.....LOL.

Welcome back and best of luck with that beautiful blue XK.
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