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I'll post a thread of my build if it will let me, says I don't have privilege even though I've verified my account.

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You must make 5 posts and then you will get all functions, this prevents spammers from signing up and going crazy. So post some more in the new member section till you have 5

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I'll post a thread of my build if it will let me, says I don't have privilege even though I've verified my account.
@iownedu; Try reading the new member required reading before you start complaining about anything; It's posted as a sticky at the top of this forum that says REQUIRED READING but to make it easier for you - here you go:

Hello new members. Please allow me to welcome you to; We want you to enjoy your time here, share your experiences and hopefully learn more about your Jeep Commander by reading the valuable information that is provided and shared here among our members;

Now, that being said, first & foremost we need you to ensure you, as new members, take the following steps and adhere to the forum rules & guidelines that have been put in place;

If you are a new member and first time poster - YOU MUST LOG-IN FROM A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP COMPUTER. There are new member profile questions that must be answered prior to posting and they can only be viewed and answered if you are logged in from a desktop or laptop computer - THEY CAN NOT BE VIEWED OR ANSWERED IF YOU ARE LOGGED IN ON A SMART PHONE USING THE MOBILE VIEW APP.

If you post your 1st post/new member introduction without completing your profile by answering all of your user profile questions properly - your post will be deleted and you will be issued a forum infraction. Failure to complete your user profile as directed, will result in being banned from the forum for violation of forum rules for a period of time to be determined by the Forum Moderators. The ban may range from 30 days to a permanent ban from the forum, depending on the circumstances.

To answer your profile questions, Click on your username and select the "View Public Profile" tab and click on "About Me" and you will see the questions that need to be answered to update your user profile information.

Completing your user profile is mandatory - failure to do so will result in disciplinary action which can include being banned from the forum for non-compliance & violation of forum rules.

When properly completed, you will see the following information displayed underneath your username/avatar like this, displaying your Commander's relevant information;

Own a Commander?: Yes
Model year: 2008
Trim Package: Sport
Power-Train: 4.7L V-8
2WD or 4WD: 4WD
If 4WD - system: QT-II
Current Mileage: 86,500

Once your profile has been completed, our community would certainly like to get to know you better, so, please take the time to post an introduction thread in the new member section.

This is required and an accepted practice, here in our Jeep Commander community.

PLEASE: Do not post your introduction in another persons thread; your introduction should be your own "New Member" thread that you've created.

Please tell us your name & where you are from; Then you can follow up with other information like the year, trim package, color, power-train, and 4WD system of the Commander you own - or the Commander you are looking for.

Current mileage and any modifications completed would also be useful information to share.

UNTIL YOU REACH A PRE-DETERMINED POST COUNT - You will only be able to post in the New Member Section - but you can read any thread or post in any sub-forum.

Once you hit that pre-determined post count (which is not very high) your full user privileges will automatically kick-in and you will be able to post in the entire forum - including all of the sub-forums and you will also be able to post photos, URLs & hyperlinks.

When posting or uploading images - please don't upload or post anything larger than 1024 x 768 pixels because it bogs down the site and the image will take forever to load/open.

Since Photobucket started charging $400.00 a year for 3rd party image hosting, a lot of members have been asking for an alternative FREE 3rd party image hosting website - so here is a pretty good one:

Our community is a wealth of information and we are always happy to help people in their quest to learn about the Commander they have just bought - or the Commander they are looking for.

To Anybody who is Looking to buy a Commander;

You can check to see if all of the factory recalls & campaigns have been completed for the Commander you're looking at (or for the Commander you have already bought) by clicking on the hyperlink below & plugging in the VIN; If you are still looking and have not bought your Commander yet, I strongly recommend you do this BEFORE you buy it;

To get the factory build sheet for the Commander you are looking at, or for the Commander you have already bought, click on the link below and navigate to "Your Vehicle" click on "Equipment Listing" and then enter your VIN number in the box that says "VIN" and hit "Search". The factory build sheet will list all of the factory options & optional preferred equipment packages that your vehicle had installed from the factory when it was built.

Dodge - Contact Us

Alternate Link:

The difference between a safety recall and a campaign is this; a safety recall pertains to a vehicle problem that is a safety concern; a campaign is a vehicle problem that is not a safety concern, but, pertains to customer satisfaction.

Additionally if you buy a Commander, and it didn't come with an owner's manual, you can download and print a factory owner's manual from this website; here is the link - and again, this is from the same website I listed above, just navigate to the point where you select "year" and "model" of the vehicle you want the owner's manual for:

This forum is also a great place for general jeep knowledge, since many of our members have owned (or still own) other makes and models of Jeeps as well, so, ALL Jeep owners are welcome here.

I'd like to wish you all a very warm welcome to and we hope you enjoy the forum.
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