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I am a new Jeep owner and I am scared, the other day my 08 RPMs revved upon throttle upshift when I got on it alittle bit, to pull out onto a busy road. When Im driving locally or in residential areas it doesnt do this. Im scared I am going to have dumped my money saved to UPGRADE- into a vehicle I will need a transmission for!
Im a woman, not very mechanically- knowledgable-
so, before I go into a shop and possibly get talked into something I may NOT need, I was hoping someone WITH the knowedge would provide insight into what this may be!! ?
Im super busy, a Psych Nurse, working in an ER during this "Pandemania", and besides not wanting to come up with a ton of money..(on something NEW to me- )
I hve very little extra time that I would much rather spend enjoying my short amount of time OFF that I do get, than dealing with car issues! Ugh!!!
Thank Ya's (in advance)!
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