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2006 Jeep Commander Sport | Silver | 225,000 miles | 3.7L V6 | 4WD QT-I
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Looking for any help about hooking up a fuel pressure gauge. Just temporarily at the least. I'm having some hard starting issues, as well as some rough idle issues. I'm suspecting the fuel pressure regulator or some sort of issue with the fuel pump module where it gradually loses fuel pressure when the truck sits for a period of time.

Anyway a fuel pressure gauge is a good place to start. The service manual lists 59 psi +/- 5 psi as a normal operating pressure.

But when looking at the fuel rail, I don't see any sort of test port to hook up a gauge. I have the 3.7L V6, in a 2006. Am I just missing the test port or is there another way I need to hook up a gauge? Any help would be much appreciated.
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