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hi guys next week im going to purchase an black loaded 2007 Grand Cherokee Overland 4wd Hemi.. i got a few questions though:

1.What performance mods are available and which are the best? , Exhaust?. Air intake? Snorkel?. Cams and head package?.Headers?

2.Which lift kit is the highest and gives most ground clearance. which is the most complete kit?

3.Sway bars? any more parts i need to make the lift kit work perfectly?handling enchancement?

4.Front steel brush guard bars. (like bull bar) and offroad lighting? winch? etc? where to get em?

5.Black taillight and headlight covers? where to get em? lol

6.interior trim replacement? (carbon fiber. alu?)

7.premium HID kit. Which? and where?

8. Finally. a big brake kit. brembos? stop tech? where? lol...brake upgrade.

9.I Got wheels sorted out from tire rack...also tires sorted out too

Thanks! im gonna be trailering an seadoo RXP and i like to offroad my jeep... i dont like staying on the road very much :D . i want most horsepower and performance i can get from it and make it perfect as i can :)

looking forward to your answers... thanks
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