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Hemi tick?

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so I noticed this annoyng racket coming from the engine while I'm driving near a wall, other cars or a divider. It gets louder when MDS is on and becomes faint again when all cylinders fire up. i tried parking and revving the motor up but heard absolutely nothing at all. Is this the infamous Hemi tick?

2010 Commander Sport Hemi
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Yeah, I actually started looking for broken manifold studs before googling it. This is extremely annoying, i too would like to find a way to disable MDS, but yeh, these programmers ARE expensive.
What I dont get is why when the truck is just started and is sitting idling, there is no tick. I can rev it up and still hear nothing. If this is injectors or valves, shouldn't it be making the noise regardless, whether the car is in park of driving?
I am getting so tired of this sound. A hemi just should not sound like this. Time for an exhaust upgrade!!!
Matt, let us know please how it sounds with the MDS turned off. I noticed yesterday that I still hear the sound while under WOT, just not as loud. Was driving on a highway along the divider and punched it to pass someone and definitely heard the dam racket or tick.

On a side note, did you use the programmer to do anything else to the car? I’m planning on purchasing one down the road as well, but I am not looking for any extra performance. Just want to turn the dam mds off. Seems like a huge waste of money to get it just for that. What else can you do with this thing to make the car drive better while not putting extra wear on it?

oh yeah, I have heard about the exhaust sounding crappy on cars with the MDS. Makes total sense. another reason I want to turn the dam thing off!!!
I hear my tick at all speeds (windows down and radio off!) from moving from a standstill through highway speeds. In my case, I don't think it has anything to do with the MDS.

it doesnt seem to get louder when Eco mode kicks in and you are on the gas?
a bit of an update for you gents. Took the truck to the dealer on Monday with this issue. They had it for almost an hour and told me that they found nothing abnormal about the the way the truck sounded. I'll give another dealer a shot before I put this issue to rest. Seems crazy that an engine was designed to sound like crap....
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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