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How are Info Center Compass and AC/Heater Blower Motor Connected?

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Hello -
I have a 2007 Jeep Commander 4.7L V8 and I occasionally notice my in-dash compass will display dashes instead of my direction of travel, and when this happens, it also cuts out the blower motor for my AC/heater. Sometimes it returns momentarily, and it always resets when I turn off the engine and restart. It doesn't happen every day, not even weekly, but enough to make me wonder what's going on. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!
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I have this same problem im currently looking for a fix. I’m thinking the junction box or blower motor but most likely junction box. When this happens my airbag light comes on too. I’ve already replaced the resistor and clock spring and it did not fix it.
Yes Junction block sorry. I had tried to take these plug things off but I couldn’t do it. I was trying for 10 minutes and they wouldnt come off so I just left it.
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You pull the gray handle to release it. There is a step by step in the attachment on how to do it.
Junction block remove.pdf in the Junction block post in Junction Block explained
I opened the pdf while I was doing it and it only states „Disconnect the two bottom side Junction Block (JB) connectors.“ I also pulled the gray handle and pulled on it and nothing.
Think those plugs kind of twist in - pull up on one side to rotate. Probably the cable side?? As I said I never tried it. If you do get them out please let me know how you did it and I'll add it to the "Junction Block" post.
I’ll try it when I get back i’m out of town currently. Thank you!
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