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UberCommander said:
How does one adjust headlights? My lights are a little high and I am getting flashed a lot.
Copied the following from another thread:

Someone posted decent instructions on how to do this a while back (don't know if that post is still available) but....
I performed the headlight adjustment about 6 months ago. I pulled the car up to within about 3-4 feet of my garage door (helps if you're on level ground). If you open the hood, you'll see two flat plastic covers over each headlight assembly. Pop these covers off, look straight down, and you will see a screw (I believe it's a torx head if I remember correctly). Turning this screw will adjust headlights up or down. I believe I lowered mine about 3" (from 4 feet away from the garage door). You don't want to lower them too much or you'll decrease your headlight range and impair your own visibility.
Hope this helps.
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