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2006 sport 2wd 3.7L w/ 175k miles. Rode around on shot shocks/struts for probably close to a year. ride was absolutely teeth rattling terrible. I replaced shocks/struts/springs, upper control arms, ball joints and hubs a year and a half ago. While my mechanic had it apart, got him to install a 2" RC lift. ride is still absolutely terrible up front. i can feel every cracks, bump, rock, what have you. I feel like the shocks/struts, springs, UCA, and ball joints are ok. Time to replace brake pads and i'd like to try and narrow down the possible culprit of the rough riding.

it is my understanding that its better to replace the LCA altogether rather than try to replace just the bushings. My question is this:

how does one remove and replace the LCA exactly? does it take specialty tools or is this something a novice can handle?

Thanks in advance.
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