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Hello all,

I've searched for a discussion on this, but can't quite find the info that I'm looking for. Does anyone have step by step instructions on taking the dash board apart? Here's my issue:

Randomly, the entire left side of my sound system will cut out. I'm 99% sure I have a short or bad connection somewhere as a result of water leakage (stupid sun roof drain tubes... at least I figured out how to fix that one). Now, before I take my commander in somewhere that's going to charge me a ton to figure out what's up, I wanted to check the wiring from the deck to all of the speakers on the left side to see if there's anything I can notice visibly wrong. I'm just nervous about taking the dash apart. Well, not so much about taking it apart, I just fear it will never go back together.

Does anyone have any information or suggestions on how to do this properly?

Thanks in advance. I owe a lot to this forum. You guys are life savers.

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