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The project has begun, I've decided to go with Avery Chrome Green with a Satin Black. Will have to do a lot of work to get this done, hired out an installer.

-Windshield Replacement to be done as well
-Install PA System
-Install 8000k Bulbs, switch out 6000k


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UPDATE 12/29/2017:
@BigBlue @Meat Wagon

*Front and Rear Bumper had to be removed, get the parking assist sensor wire out
*Disconnecting all necessary wires, taking out the antenna, removing the Fender Flares, fixing all corroded areas - *Bondo/sanding down dings and dents throughout the XK on rear quarter panel amongst other areas.
*Remove the Front Windshield as it was cracked and replace it with a new one.
*Removed 6000k Bulbs and upgraded to 8000k.
*Remove door handles
*Remove 4 Windows Driver/Passenger/Rear
*Remove Rubber - attach more adhesive in necessary areas
*Remove all roof/side/door mirrors - panel plastic areas.
*Remove inner door panels. Remove Grill, license plates, side rails.Will most likely sand roof rails and paint them. *Remove undercarriage inner wheel well liner - paint Satin Black
*Paint Side Skirts
*Sand Bumper
*Remove Old Tint Film from Tail Lights and Third brake Light
*Windshield Bazels Reattached
*Dis/Reassemble Doors
*Debadge Rear/Sides/Front
*Cut 2/4 slats for grille
*Window Decals
*Jeep Logo Emboss
*Reinstall Tail Lights
*Apply Tint to Tail/3rd Brake Light
*License Plates

As some of you may ask; what about scratches or how do you clean the chrome without leaving marks....

*Apply a ceramic Wrap has to now go over the entire wrap to protect the chrome in itself.

Initially, I thought of just wrapping the vehicle without any prep work, but with the Chrome, every single dent/crack was visible. While the work was getting done - Creativity then began to take over the mind, and An Avery Green was implemented in between the Green Chrome and Satin Black. Instead of doing the entire Jeep in one solid color; Bling Look - which I do not want; the masculine, Aggressive and Beastly Look of the Commander is even more hercularian than before.

Be prepared to see a BAD AZZ RIG


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