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As noted on the side bar, this is on a 2010 3.7

I decided to buy one of these after a year or two of procrastinating and during that time there wasn't much out there in terms of real world usage. I think the earliest thread I could find that was Hypertech specific was around 2012 and it had limited information.

This is the one time I actually benefited from procrastination. I went to my local eBay website and found a used tuner at half the cost from a tuner shop with 100% positive feedback. I took the plunge and, well, here we are.

I will note that if you do decide to purchase a used tuner, the most important thing to know is whether it is VIN LOCKED or UNLOCKED. A vin locked tuner will be very cheap and also quite useless. Contact the seller, confirm it is unlocked and decide from that point. I was very lucky to get a very helpful seller who provided tech support if needed and if you put the engine type in the notes he would update the programmer accordingly.


Set up was straight forward as everything is explained on screen. Total set up the first time took me about twenty minutes.


I went with the Regular Performance tune since premium only adds one HP(see stats for total gains) and I also set my tire size for correct speed. Those were the only two adjustments I made. With the latest update I can tell you there is a noticeable difference. Most noticeable differences were in shift points and throttle response. I consider the shift points changing due to correcting the tire size which you don't really think is a big deal but, it turns out was a major part of it's lazy shifting. It downshifts more quickly and precisely but, it's not harsh at all. Throttle response hits this out of the ballpark for me. Honestly it feels like a brand new jeep to me, completely different and really fun. Immediate press of the pedal gets you back into the seat right off the bat. It was 100F here today and I had the A/C on, didn't even notice it. WOT it kicks down and really gets moving enough to raise the nose as the entire truck leans back. I can only describe it as really waking up this tired ass 3.7 and what Chrysler should have done from the beginning. It really makes the 3.7 fun again. Cruising at 35-40mph and lightly pressing the gas gets you passing that grandma in no time without a downshift. Haha, see-ya Grams!

Ok, ok, I'm having fun. Lets be realistic, don't expect power equal to a 4.8 or Hemi. I've had the tune for about three weeks and thought, well, I won't notice it after a while. I still notice it, every day, it's a huge improvement.

As far as gas mileage improving I can't say how well that's doing yet. I have been mostly doing city driving and it's been about the same. I've got a 200 mile trip coming up and I'll see how the mileage does then. They don't boast huge mpg gains though.

Honestly I can't see any cons to getting this tuner besides the price new. That being said, it's not the most expensive one out there.
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