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There are a lot of different options available. Rola roof baskets are pretty common, and you can add extensions to make it fit the roof length. Yakima makes the Megawarrior, which with the extension will almost perfectly run the length of your factory rails and runs nearly the entire width of the roof. Rhinp-Rack makes a mesh basket that will also fit the roof almost perfectly. Curt roof racks will be small on your roof, leaving around 5 inches on each side if you center it, but are also very affordable.

The main issue with all of these is that they're going to sit pretty high up. They'll all need to mount to roof racks, which will elevate things a few inches already, and when everythings mounted you can expect to be well over 7 feet tall.

I custom built mine and don't have to use racks to mount it, and with my 2" lift and 31s I'm sitting at 7'2". When I throw my spare on top, that number increases to 7'6", and when I put my 33s on with the spare I'm around 7'8". Keep your height in mind if you have to do city driving, as there's a good chance you'll run into parking garages you won't fit in. You also probably won't fit in most automated car washes, and even if you did those could do serious damage to a roof basket.

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Looking for the best roof basket for my 2006 Jeep Commander.

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Here is a link for some ROLA roof baskets if you are interested;
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