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08 commander,2" lift,1.5 spacers,265-70-17 tires,has anyone been able to have a dealer reset computer back to specs, for odometer,mpg readout,an anything changed from lift, my dealer tryed no format to do so for it they say,od. off 1mile for ever 10 gone,4 miles slower on speedometer and not to sure on mpg mileage readout,still showing 19,2 at 60 mph,(actual 64 mph}anyone figured it out?:couto:

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The dealer uses the Starscan tool to do the programming and it does not have the ability to do that size tire. If you want to correct the speed and odometer you will have to buy a programmer.

Here are the tire sizes that the dealer can program:

Note: This is older info that was posted in a thread on 7-13-07, so it may be different now. In fact, I'm sure it is since starting with the 2009 MY 18" wheels were available.

These are the tire sizes that the dealer can program on the Commander with the StarScan tool:

235/65/17 Wrangler HP
235/65/17 Eagle LS
245/65/17 Wrangler SRA
245/65/17 Wrangler HP
245/65/17 Wrangler AT/R
255/45/20 ZR20 ASP
245/60/18 Wrangler HP AW
245/45/20 ZR20 BSW performance
LT 245/65/17 Wrangler HP
LT 245/65/17 OWL A/T
235/65/17 XL BSW all season
245/65/17 R17 Bsw all season
245/65/17 BSW A/T
235/65/17 SL Wrangler S4
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