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Is this a Jeep Commander? OR a '73 Jeep Wrangler? Cause the ignition switches and how they operate changed drastically between models and over the years, making this a very different situation for different Jeeps?

If its a Jeep Commander.

What Key System do they have? The metal key blade/transponder key or the FOBIK key?

Can they remove the key? Or is it stuck in the ignition switch, NOT able to turn the whole way off.

If they can completely remove the ignition key, and the engine is still running, it is likely a bad ignition switch.

For the FOBIK at least, if you do NOT put the gear shifter into Park, the ignition switch will let you turn the motor off, but will NOT allow you to remove the key until the shifter has been put into park. Since this is all being done by solenoids and sensors, its possible that even with the gear shifter in the right location, it is NOT being sensed by the sensor or a solenoid has failed. Try cycling the shift lever.
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