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Also keep in mind that the 4Runner forum has a MUCH larger membership than this one. Knowing that people love to vent their complaints on forums, I would expect to see many more complaints on a forum with such a high volume of traffic.

You have to look deeper into the numbers of units built/vs sold. As Red pointed out, you also have to look at the generations of vehicles built.
It is hard to compare when you look at the number of units built and sold.

Jeep owners are die hard fans I think, which is why we have fewer members, fewer posters, and less activity on this forum as compared to others.

I have not wondered over to the "other side" as I am sadisticly loyal to Jeep.

Elihercu51125: This is Jeep....not Dodge and Chrysler. Not All Japanese vehicles are 4 star rated. DCX wants to cover the market, they exceeded thier goals. they have 50% of the bottom. But there is one 1 Jeep product in that 5.

Personally, I am happy not to be driving the same vehicle that everyone else wants. I get what I want, what I like. I have never liked Toyotas. I did own a few during my sordid youth....because they were always too small. I am only 6' but felt crowded.

By the way, what "FACT" did red get wrong?
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