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I know that other owners have posted issues that they have had with their commander's transmissions, but I noticed an issue today that I haven't seen other posts on. First, let me start by saying that I have a V6 2wd, and I was driving in the hills today. I was using the gears a lot to help me control my speed without burning up the brakes. Going downhill in 3rd, it felt like the transmission was "surging" to the point that it would pop your neck.
Second, I was stopped going uphill at a stop sign and when I let off of the brake to take off, it started rolling back, even though I pushed the accelerator. I hit the brakes and tried again, and it stuttered, but finally took off.
Driving home, I left the transmission in D and drove noramally to see how it acted, it seemed like the Jeep would almost stall before it would downshift. On an uphill, if it started lagging behind, and needed to shift, it wouldn't, so after a while of it not doing anything, I would have to slam the accelerator for it to do anything.

I tried to check the transmission fliud when I got home to see if it was low, but we have sealed transmissions.

Anyone else have this problem??
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