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Just out of the paint shop

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The hood has cracked paint, chips and clear coat was coming off. The roof had the same issue and fender flares had clear coat coming off. Now she looks almost new.


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My rattle-canned 2k clear coat job is making me real jealous of how yours came out! I can't believe how shiny it looks!

My paint was already oxidized from the lack of clear coat, and I can't get the new clear coat I sprayed on to shine no matter how much I polish/ wet sand it down...
I tried that on my wife's car - never could get it to smooth out and shine. Didn't look bad, just could not get the shine.
Yeah. Its not shiny but at least I sleep a little better knowing the clear coat spot isnt getting worse... meaning more clear coming off, undercoat oxydizing/fading... then eventually a rust hole!
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