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Just out of the paint shop

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The hood has cracked paint, chips and clear coat was coming off. The roof had the same issue and fender flares had clear coat coming off. Now she looks almost new.


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@schlagel17 Not that I am aware of. As far as I know it is just the hood.
My wife's Grand Cherokee has a small dent in the hood and last year I took it in to look at getting it repaired. They guy at the body shop said because the hood was aluminum, it'd be better to take to a shop that specializes in aluminum repairs. He didnt have the tools for it. So after that I knew her Grand Cherokee hood was aluminum, but didnt realize that the Commander also had an aluminum hood.

I have some chips on the Commander hood that I was going to attempt to sand down, possibly patch, prime, spray with color matched paint and clear coat. But with the hood being aluminum, is there any additional prep that would need to be done?? I see that @jklightner mentioned cleaning and removing oxidation, which makes sense, but is that a different process than w. metal??
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