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2007 Jeep Commander (XH) 3.0CRD
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I have a strange problem with my 3.0CRD 2007 Commander. The key fob open/close does not work immediately after exiting the car. If I leave the car for a while, I can lock it using the fob. Yesterday, while sat in the car waiting for my partner who went into a shop, several minutes after turning the engine off, I heard what sounded like a servo motor operate. I was immediately able to lock and unlock the car using the fob. Anyone have any ideas as to a) what is happening after that delay and b) why the fob will not work until then?

Another issue is that I purchased a new key and had my locksmith cut it. I then used Jscan to program the key, which worked, but it showed 6 different numbers as being my likely pin, so I had to go through them all as a process of elimination. Even though the programmed key works in the ignition the lock/unlock buttons don't work (even after the above delay). The buttons are sending out a code (I checked with a 433MHz radio alongside, so it is definitely transmitting).

Would welcome any suggestions.
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