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Hello all, I finally have my Commander back from the shop. My tires needed to be replaced ASAP due to dry rot. The shop sold me the tires in the title.

Does anyone have experience with these? Also these are LT265 70 17 with no lift.

Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but, I just saw your post; I don't know why somebody else didn't respond to this;

If you're running those tires right now, on a stock Commander suspension with stock Commander rims, you should be experiencing some rubbing issues, inside the inner wheel wells/tubs at full turn and probably along the front of the wheel wells/tubs as well.

You will not properly clear LT265/70/17's of any brand of tire, without at a least a 2 inch lift and you might also need the pinch weld mod if you're still running stock Commander rims.

FYI, I tried to look at the photo in the imgur link that you posted, but, the photo would never load.

As far as the brand of tire - KPATOS FM501 A/T's, I haven't heard of them before.

EDIT: I just looked them up; apparently Walmart carries them and they are made by Cooper which is a tire brand I'm familiar with; Cooper has been pretty reputable in the tire world for quite a number of years, they are not top of the line - but they aren't cheap junk either, they're probably middle of the pack'ish.,paur:ClkAsKraX9DdIBzyUjId4GqhqYsvWs8Ob23Y0R-C72lUcK3gHekfXHzfIdhdYjwyoJY1qFBFJNX-a5SMqGKRCkIo3s3m94BiG4lPMISmoK3R2ryVCfVNhKBI1RIZAFPVH72rGVT-FtLA96OgZQYqDAja-L5tyA,prmr:1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjet-uf4-_jAhWug-AKHewkBfQQ8wIIsgM#spf=1565147113815

I can tell you that I did quite a few searches for these particular tires and there are only a couple of places that carry them. It seems like they aren't available at any of the major tire warehouses.
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