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HI Guys

Several questions - appols if its the wrong forum.

UK Commander 3.0 CRD which has had several problems (mostly electrical) since I bought it 18 months ago.
I am also not mechanically qualified in any way shape or form!

I recently took it for 100k service.
Turns out its been leaking intercooler fluid and what looks like transmission or some other fluid/oil. The garage power washed the underside as they couldn't really tell what was leaking then told me to drive around for couple of days and bring it back so they could see for new oil.

Didn't seem to concerned as they said it looks like old crud.

They did everything else on the service except change the atf+4 fluid as they wanted to make sure it wasn't the transmission leaking first.

Yesterday the ETC light came on with the engine management light. I did the key dance and it reset - then after a few miles the ETC light came back on.

Today the management light is off but the ETC light came on after a few minutes. I did some research and found all the info on the Swirl Motor/Acuator/turbo and started to fear the worst.

I thought I would have a look under the bonnet to see if there was leaks where the swirl motor is and removed the engine cover.

The fuel filter is also leaking (I think its the fuel filter - little silver can with two pipes going into it under the black pipes). I cant seem to tighten the jubilee clips on the small pipes going to it - but when I give it any throttle it leaks.

Obviously the fuel filter leak is either the mechanics fault or its a dodgy filter from the recent service. He is away for a week but I will take it back and he can decide.

Question could the fuel leak be responsible for the ETC kicking in?

The parking sensor system is also not working (recently) and the parking assist button in the cockpit is stuck to on. Most annoying.

Last question - a man in a van smashed the entire wing mirror off the drivers side. The last replacement cost me £250 from Jeep here in the UK.

With everything else its costing me I wondered if there was an aftermarket/alternative replacement that fits just fine? Not worried about the power or heated glass. Just want it to work and look ok!

I cant see to find any and second hand ones are rare as hens teeth here in UK.

Thanks in advance.

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