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I ended up scoring a basically mint full leather interior out of a 2008 Limited on the cheap. I have a 2006 base. It seems way too complicated to get all the heated seats and sensors are not interchangeable so the easiest method would be to detach the cushions and put them on my frames.

The only obvious issue is the airbag weight sensor in the seat. Plug shapes between seats are different however number of wires and colouring are similar. Easiest for me to swap the plugs and hook it up however I have no idea of the weight sensor is going to read properly after recalibration.

The other option is simply to swap sensors however that is more work getting cushions off.

If anyone has any insight as to if that sensor will be the same?

Also, ideally I would get power passenger seats working as mine are manual, new ones power. I was told it was impossible due to being controlled by can-bus. I was hoping to splice off my driver seat. Any idea if there is a way to get them working?

50% seats in!


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