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I've had an issue with my lift gate for about a year now in which it will stop working - be it with the exterior handle, and the automatic lift via the FOB, driver panel, or back pillar button. Instead of opening it will give two beeps.

I've figured out how to open it and get the automatic gentle-close mechanism to reset (open small panel on back of lift gate, push on an "L-ish" lever, and then slide another latch - pictures would do this description justice, but I've been doing this by feel), and it works every time.

I've reached the point where the work around is not good enough and I'd like to fix it permanently. I brought it to Jeep a while ago and they were not able to fix it, so I'm hoping this isn't a one-off issue and that this problem has been solved. Any insight into a proper fix for this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.
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