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I have an 07 Limited with an aftermarket Pioneer unit with video out. I wanted to put screens of some sort in the back.What are some screens with good resolution/quality and easily controllable? The larger the screen, the better, but no matter what I want a smooth, sleek, seemingly-stock look with my khaki interior and fits the Commander look. (basically no big grey curved boxes that have a drop down screen)

I am interested in anything from headrest mounts, to ceiling mounts, or even sticking a small flat screen tv somewhere convenient (later I plan on mounting my old 32" hd tv in the cargo area for the fun of things. that will be in addition to these screens though)

also, if there's any way that headphones (wired or wireless, but preferably wireless) can be used, that would be cool, but I can survive without ha

Any help would be really awesome!
Thanks a ton!
-Matt :icon_biggrin:
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