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LT285/70R17 on Commander with 2" Lift and 1.5" Spacers

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I found an old thread talking about the biggest size tire you could install on a Commander with a 2" lift. I'm at the point of getting my Jeep some new tires and I was looking at the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T in LT285/70R17. Venom's website says the OD of the tire is 32.44" but from reading the old post about 2" lifts, I wasn't clear if going over 32" would or wouldn't work with a 2" lift and 1.5" spacers. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has run this size tire, and if anyone had any knowledge of the Venom Power tires as a whole, they're new to me, but they look damned cool.
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Be prepared to do the pinch weld modification at the very least. Because you will have tires about 3" taller than the stock 29.5 inches be ready to also change your gear ratios as your 3.7 V6 will really struggle under any kind of load!
Thanks for the info. I had read about the "pinch weld modification" but wasn't sure what that was, and I'm not really interested in doing that. I'd like the biggest tires I can reasonably put on my Commander with the 2" lift and 1.5" spacers, though I hadn't taken the engine into consideration so I appreciate the heads up on that. In the original thread I had read it was sounds like the 255/75R17's would also require hammer down the pinch weld (as they said it), so I was thinking that 265/70R17s might work?
That would still be 2" taller and would definitely need the pinch mod. Also that size spare tire may not fit under the vehicle if you have a hitch. The pinch weld mod is not very hard to do if you use an angle grinder with a cutting disc. The hardest part is securing the wheel well liner to give as much room as possible.
Thanks. Is there any kind of guide or walkthrough doing the pinch weld mod? I'm not really familiar with that, but I have an angle grinder and I managed to install the 2" lift kit myself, so I think I can manage that.
You can run 265/70/17's with a 2 inch lift, but, you need a rim with 5.5 inches of backspacing, to avoid any rubbing at full turn.
Thanks for the info. Currently, I'm running the stock Jeep rims, and I don't have any plans to change those out, but I am installing 1.5" spacers. How do I go about measuring my backspacing? I was thinking about doing the pinch weld mod, but if I don't have to do that, then so much the better :D
If you are going to 3.5 inches, would a waverspeed 3.5 inch front and 3 inch rear kit work? No "stacking" 2 things up front, as it does not use a front spacer.
You got me on that one. I'm not sure if that would work or not.
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