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Two concerns I would appreciate opinions on.

1/ Weight of oil: Manufacturer recommends 5W-20. I realize that this is the best "mileage" weight, but is it really best for the Hemi engine? Seems a bit light to me, especially for hot, summer driving. My tendency would be to use 5W-30 (synthetic). Any real, or warranty issues if I do so?

2/ Tire pressure: All the Commanders I have seen are equipped with the same Goodyear Fortera tires. The sidewall specifies maximum pressure of 44 lbs., but the manufacturer's recommendation is for 35 lbs. Again, from Daimler-Chrysler's point of view less inflation pressure will deliver a softer, more comfortable ride, but is this best for safety and treadwear? 35 lbs. seems inadequate for a tire rated for 44, in a vehicle weighing 5300 lbs. My Ford Excursion is equipped with light truck tires with spec max of 55 lbs. I run them at 50. My lifelong habit is to run tires at or near the max for safety and longevity. I have never had problems with excessive center tread wear.

Thanks to all. I am enjoying the forums.

2 Commander 5.7 Limiteds. Light Khaki and Silver Metallic
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