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I had just finished a cross country move about a month ago from Seattle to Pittsburgh. I towed a 6x12 uhaul, with no issues. When I got to Pittsburgh though, I noticed that there was a metal on metal screeching sound whenever driving straight ahead, and especially when turning to the right. The sound originates at the driver side front wheel. It does tend to dissipate a bit when I go faster (but then again, the window is down and I'm going faster, so that may just be some Polish-logic there). It will also get quieter when the brakes are applied, but won't be eliminated entirely.

I've dug in to the front end a few times now to see if I can figure out what in the world is causing this sound. I've looked at the dust shields and the brake pad retaining clip. Both seem like they could be the potential culprit, but I can't actually find any location where they are rubbing. This rotor definitely is hotter after drive downtown, so it's got to be happening somewhere. There is a bit of an indentation around the rotor too, but I think that they are a bit warped, and will be replaced as soon as I jack it up again. The brake pads seem to be in a pretty good life although one pad does have a bit of a chip in the face of it that is going to be replaced.

My plan right now is to replace the rotors and brake pads,and change out the brake pad retainer clips. After some reading, it seems like it could also be the wheel bearing, but I'm not getting the "whirling" sound that I've heard as describing this condition.

Am I missing something? Has anyone had a similar sound that they were able to fix. All thoughts are helpful at this point.

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