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I'm a big fan of the ATZs and have had 2 sets on past vehicles. They wear like iron, cut through snow, and dirt/sand traction is awesome. They're not as good in mud at most mud-terrain tires are, but they're better than AT's and have road manners closer resembling an AT tire than an MT.

In short, for DD vehicles like mine that do occasional offroading, they fit the bill especially with their aggressive looking sidewall. (I love the look.....)

I've wondered why more people with Commanders and Grand Cherokees weren't running them..... then when I checked the sizes I found that the smallest they come in is a 265/70/17.

There's actually a WK running them on the Jeep forum and it looks great... but I'd really like for them to offer a 245/75/17 or a 255/70/17.

I sent an email to their customer service department inquiring about these sizes. They said that neither are currently planned for production but that my request will be submitted for their next round of sizing considerations.

My point of this thread? To drum up some interest and maybe get some more members to shoot an email to Mickey Thompson requesting they add at least one of those sizes to their product line. Even if you don't plan on running them, I'd appreciate the support so we have more tire options in the future.

FYI: My past ATZs have either run "true" to size or larger/ I would be hesitant to run their 265/70 on my commander With just the 2" RC if I'm planning of flexing off-road.
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