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Heres the deal.

I had a MIL light come on and off for a while. After 5 days I was able to get a service appointment. They said the computer did not store any codes, and it was cleared and the light went off.

Then two weeks later i started getting the light again. Sometimes, most times on, and then it would go off.

The other night the Jeep, after 26 months of ownership, would not start. I jumped it, and it was fine.

Due to the loss of my digital multimeter, I could tell the altenator was charging, but could not get an exact read on the batterys voltage which seemed between 11-12 volts. I decided to get a new battery. After calling service and getting another appt in four days.

After my new interstate mega tron II MT-49 with 750 CCA and 940 cc amps was put in...the light went off.......................................

I put this out there to warn you, like the Jeep was trying to warn me...maybe you if your getting this light any time should check your battery. I was glad I was dead in the driveway and not while out in the woods or on the beach in the middle of nowhere....which is right where i love my Jeep to take me :)

Hope this might help anyone with the problem I was having. I am going to see if jeep in four days even finds a code listed for this time since last time is displayed nothing to them.... I will also see how and if I still get the MIL light again...

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